Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comedy Comes Together Laugh for Comedian Mike MacDonald

Need Laughers!! Here is a template to promo the show, please pass it along, use it, abuse it, edit it to promo the coast to coast comedy shows this Thursday:

A Laugh is worth a thousand chuckles.
The biggest comedy club event ever held.
June 21, 2012 - You are being asked to go to your local comedy club and LAUGH to help someone else.
The largest group of people who mock every aspect of the life experience, have grouped together to support something that is hard to find humor in.
An unprecedented grouping of North America’s funniest talent. An event, the likes of, never seen in Comedy.

Comedy Legend Mike Macdonald has become ill and needs a Liver transplant. If he survives and finds a liver donor, he will be unable to work for at least a year and maybe two years. Last month Mike MacDonald reached out to his friends on facebook to ask if anyone was O negative blood type and would be willing to donate a part of their liver. Currently seeking a liver, the best comedians from New Brunswick to HOLLYWOOD have massed together to put on fundraising shows June 21, 2012. These fundraisers will help Mike with the living costs of being out of work for an extended period of time, and some of the medical costs that will be incurred during that time.
Comedy clubs across the continent have dropped competition and political lines for a day and donated their comedy rooms June 21, 2012. A massing of Comedians, have donated their humor to these stages. Never has there been a comedy club event of this magnitude. Now the comedians are asking you to come and enjoy the laughter they have crafted for some of them decades!! June 21, 2012 will be the funniest day …. Ever….
The night before, June 20, 2012:
The events will kick off in Hollywood at THE WORLD FAMOUS LAUGH FACTORY on Sunset Blvd, with an UNHEARD of line up of comedians on ONE show, ONE NIGHT ONLY:
Hosted by Jeremy Hotz
Featuring: Bob Saget, Dane Cook, Dave Foley, Tom Green, Kevin Nealon, Paul Rodriguez, Dom Irrera, Bobby Slayton, Harland Williams, John Wing Jr., Chris D’elia, Ian Edwards

Canadians are not always the quickest to help each other, but hopefully they will join these comedians and donate one night of having fun and get out to your local comedy club June 21, 2012 across Canada and June 20, 2012 in Hollywood (if you have friends there, call them and tell them to get a ticket)!
As anyone in Canada, that has tried to organize a fundraiser, will tell you that it is nearly impossible to get people to come out and support. However, this will be the funniest night of caring and compassion that you will ever witness. It is also historical in its size and span of co-operation! XM Radio is naming it Mike MacDonald day! It is also the first day of summer! It is also Mike MacDonald’s birthday! So, become part of history and buy your tickets today!
Find the list of venues on facebook (or call your local comedy club):

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